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Mario Kart Tour hack


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Mario Kart Tour Rubies

Mario Tour Gameplay

Mario wants to see a whole world and he takes a tour with his friends! They are going to race through beautiful cities and areas! The game is inspired by Mario Kart series and it was developed by Nintendo company in 2019. Choose your hero, get free Mario Kart Tour cheats, visit many amazing destinations and compete with other players. Win and collect rewards like gold and rubies and use it to upgrade your character and vehicle. This game is very addicting and there are players from many different countries. You will love this one if you have played any Mario game. There are diversified tactics variations and characters to choose in game.

Push the speed and visit real-world locations inspired by mario games!

Chose favorite superhero and vehicle and upgrade it as fast as possible.

Create powerful equipment and use it to get highest scores!

A variety of rewards, rubies, characters and karts can be collected during the game.

Mario racing

Mario Kart Tour tactics guides.

Do you wish to be the best player and achieve highest scores? You must read our specially prepared tactics below and download free Mario Kart Tour Hack then choose one and become Mario Kart Tour legend!

1. Coins rush mode
The Coin rush mode rarely happens in the game, however it is awesome event to get unlimited rubies and coins. This mode can appear from time to time at the top of the main menu bar. Do not miss this event! Try to open the game at least one time per day and have a bigger chance to take part in it. There is a legend about magic coins rush entrance ticket but as far as we know it has not been seen yet. You can purchase ticket by spending rubies but it is very expensive way or you can get free Mario Kart Tour rubies with our generator.

2. Frenzy Mario boost
Your character can become mad! Do not forget to activate Mario Frenzy mode while collecting 3 similar items from the ground. This mode is a very cool and ministerial thing, it gives invisibility,  speed and strength bonus. Once it is activated, it gives a very huge advantage. Unfortunately not all heroes can obtain Frenzy Mode. Only several characters that has a specific speed abilities. That is why you should remember to choose your character very carefully because it determines whether you become a legend or not. 

3. Choose comfortable in-game settings
You might be surprised how important this point is. Good settings can determine a victory. It is possible to choose between classic and new 2019 modified settings. Choose wisely and test if they are good for you or not. Experiment with preferred color modes, quality and speed of the game. On top of that, you can enable chaotic colorful backdrop and highest quality but this may cause some in-game problems. It is better to have Mario Kart Tour Hack and enable classic mode if you have no experience with the game. For begginers we recommend to use simplest settings.

4. Tip about starting position

It is crucial to be the first racer on starting point because it usually gives advantage. Players who are on the first position can can get a good race start. Remember to use Rocket Star to push your vehicle forward very fast. As the name says, your vehicle will be pushed like a Rocket. This is a very popular and desired boost but it is rare and quite expensive. Using our Mario Kart Tour cheats you will be able to get unlimited resources to purchase rocket star bonuses and other worth a try rewards.

5. Use tricks to get better performance
This is one of the most known tactics. Lead your character to become a legend and receive Mario Kart Tour free rubies later. Use different tricks to get more points and rubies. Jump and drive faster to receive other bonuses.

We wish you good luck, fast racing and plenty of fun!

Mario Kart Tour gameplay