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Mario Kart Tour characters

Some helpful tips for Mario Kart Tour cheats

 Remember to always collect grand stars and unlock your new cups. If you want to get more points for your heroes - use as many boosts as possible to earn more. Win your new karts and use them wisely in game. It is a good option to use Mario Kart Tour hack to have a better start and get karts, rubies and coins. Your agility and intelligence will be the most important attributes in this game. Do not spend all your rubies at the beggining since you might have better upgrades to buy later. Get experience and new levels to unlock all Mario Kart Tour features. There are around 20 characters and 50 vehicles found in game but it is possible that owners will release new updates including more things.

Instructions how to play

This game is comfortable to be played with just one hand but many players still uses both hands. It is your decision to choose your way. With one hand it is possible to react faster but using both hands is much more precise. Swipe right or left to drift your wehicle and use menu below to turn on boosts. It is better to select which vehicles to race on than making it automatically. Computer may not choose an optimal and best option.

Be aware of this game

Mario kart Tour is very addictive game and there are many in-app purchases which means that players have to spend their real money to be better in game and have chances to compete with other players. The better way is to download Mario Kart Tour cheats android to save your money and generate unlimited gold and rubies. Of course you can play without extra bonuses but it is harder and less funny. Everyone desires to have a morass of collection vehicles, unlock new characters and become a legend but it is not the most important thing in real life. Remember that it is only game and you can be addicted quickly. Playing mobile phone games releases happiness and dopamine. It is not a good thing to let your children play mobile games too much.

Mario Kart Tour pipes

Consider how to win against green monsters

Green pipes are one of the most dangerous dark characters in Mario Kart Tour. They will slow you down and try to destroy your vehicle untill you take them out. The best option is to freeze green pipes or use your rocket to destroy them but it is not that easy as you may think. They are fast and have around 200 health points. Many players does not know how to take out green pipes correctly. These monsters may rarely appear randomly in some cities. We recommend you to stay calm and use your items like Big Mushroom or defense shield against pipes. You can also consider buying a gold bow which is one of the most effective weapons. Be clever and visit our main page to get free Mario Kart Tour rubies which will give you crazy advantage in game. 
Mario Kart Tour is one of the best mario games and it will become more and more popular in future.